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Proud to be a branded distributor of Esso bulk fuel

Island Petroleum is the only branded distributor of Esso bulk fuel in PEI

Our DIESEL FUEL works hard for PEI businesses.

Island Petroleum offers businesses cleaner-burning ultra low-sulphur diesel fuel (when you’re on the road) and cost-effective dyed diesel fuel (off-highway use only). And remember... we offer an onsite delivery service!

  • Ultra low-sulphur diesel fuel has been a standard choice for highway diesel fuel for well over a decade. Because it burns cleaner than the low-sulphur blends, sulphate emissions are lower, particulate matter emissions by weight are reduced, and air pollution control is improved. 

  • Dyed diesel fuel was created specifically for off-road purposes and is less expensive because it is not taxed. It is dyed red to easily distinguish it from the clear, more expensive fuels used in licensed motor vehicles.

Our fuel is compliant with the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB). We also meet low temperature flow pour point and cloud point specifications to ensure our fuel performs optimally—even during extreme winter conditions.  

Save time. Get your BULK GASOLINE delivered!

Do you have a business such as a car rental company or construction business that has onsite fuel storage facilities? Did you know that Island Petroleum is the only branded distributor of Esso bulk fuel in PEI? When you need top-quality bulk gasoline or bulk fuel tank equipment, you can rely on our efficient and convenient onsite delivery service. 

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