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Budget Payment Plans

Take comfort in knowing what your monthly home heating bill will be every month—even during winter.


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Your household budgeting just got easier to manage with our equalized payment plan. Our budget billing program allows you to make an equal payment over 12 months to avoid drastic spikes in cost during the coldest months of the year. 

Budget billing payment plans make budgeting for your family seamless during peak usage periods. 

Our budget billing service allows you to pay an average amount for your energy use from September to June  — to help you avoid spikes in your home energy bill caused by seasonal fluctuations.  

Enjoy the convenience of our Budget Billing Payment Plans. Our Budget Billing Service:

  • Evens out the amount owing each month with interest-free payments for 12 months

  • Makes payments automatic

Frequently Asked Questions

The 12-month budget plan offers payment dates on the 1st or 15th each month.

Your bill is calculated by estimating your total yearly cost and dividing it by the number of payments you’ll be making during the Budget Billing Service season.

Budget Billing Service payments are made through pre-authorized bank or credit card accounts. They are automatically paid on the on the 1st and 15th of the month if you are on a bi-monthly plan, or on the 1st or 15th of the month if you are on a monthly plan.

Your payment includes your oil and furnace equipment service plan (if you have one). Budget payments do not include equipment sales, leases or rentals.

We make every effort to predict how much you will owe over the course of a billing cycle, however, actual costs may differ because of oil prices, weather conditions, whether you have undergone home renovations, es and other factors. Mid-way through the winter, we’ll analyze your account and contact you if we recommend adjustments to your payment.

Statements are issued in December, March, June and August.

Your final statement will be issued every June 30th.

Any credit payable or balance owing on your account will automatically be processed in full to your bank account or credit card within 30 days of the final statement.

Because pre-authorized payments for leases or rentals generally appear on your next statement, don't be surprised if you see an amount due (equivalent to one month) on your current statement. For example, the January lease may appear as an amount due on the January bill even though it will be paid automatically in February. Therefore, if your lease or rental is set up for pre-authorized payment, do not pay this amount due.
An amount due can also be the result of charges not covered in your budget plan (e.g. missed payments, burner service work or equipment purchases). All of these amounts are payable.
If you're not sure whether the amount is payable, simply contact us.

The account balance is not payable. It is simply meant to show you the running balance of total charges and total payments at any point in the season. Ideally total actual charges for that period will be about the same as total payments by the end of the season (i.e. the account balance will be at or near zero dollars). If there is a difference such as an amount due, it likely reflects items not covered in the Budget Billing Service plan. An amount due is payable, except in the case of leases or rentals in the answer to the previous question.

During the summer of each year, we will notify you about your estimated monthly payment amount for the upcoming budget billing cycle. There is no need to contact us to re-approve pre-authorized payments—the new amount will automatically be deducted from your credit card or bank account beginning each September.

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